Frequently Asked Questions:

What does a paint party include?

We do more than just canvas painting. We also do wine glasses, mason jar crafts, and holiday ornaments. But canvas painting is our most popular event. So for example this is what is included with a canvas paint party. We provide table covers, aprons, canvas, easels, paint, paint plates, napkins, paper towels, brushes, cups, supplemental lighting, music and a sound system.

Do I need to provide anything?

Yes, we need some basic things. We do not supply tables and chairs, We need a sink for water, garbage bins, basic lighting and electricity. We need access to the venue for 5 hours. 2 hours for set up, 2 hours show, 1 hour breakdown.

Do I need to have artistic skills or experience?

No! This event is geared toward non artist and your artist entertainer will guide you each step of the way.

How do I register for an event?

Please call 347.944.3767 for all private parties and fundraisers. You can also email Creative Scene on our contact form located at tab on top of the page. For Public Events please go to our calendar to locate your event and purchase tickets online.

Why should I host a creative event?

People love to make stuff with friends and family. It make a great memory for a lifetime. It’s relaxing and fun. It’s more party than art school but you will be surprised on how well you do.

Fundraisers: Raise funds and have fun!

We have many great art projects to offer. Our Creative Scene event planners and artistic entertainers and assistants take care of all the details, setup and cleanup. You get flyers, to help promote the events. You can create price levels and set your per ticket price to match your supporters budget.

PTA Workshops: Get the parents more involved with the School! 

Are you a PTA parent looking to find something different for your PTA workshops? Look no further. Our Creative Scene event planners and artistic entertainers create a perfect environment to express a parents and child’s creativity together or apart.

Corporate events:  Perfect for team building! 

Pick form our popular projects or let us make a custom craft or painting for your event.  Our Creative Scene event planners and artistic entertainers take care of all the details, setup and cleanup. You get flyers, posters and social media ads to help promote the event.