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Creative activities are vital for individuals and for community development. Be it painting, writing, pottery, singing or other activities that can be grouped under creative arts, these activities clearly have a positive impact on the happiness of those involved. Research around the benefits of creative and inclusive community activities shows wider benefits to communities and society in terms of better health, greater inclusion and strong cultural bonding. The creative seeds live in everyone. Some are more fortunate that their nascent imagination is grown into strong cognitive and creative thinking. The parents and teachers play a pivotal role in nourishing children from an early age and building confidence and creative abilities in them through providing positive responses to their attempts and guiding them at every step. With the invent of new ways of creative expressions and mediums like software and the internet, people now express and innovate without bounds and the results are astonishing. The modern age art, music and movies stand a testimony to this advent. In the current socio economic environment, every business needs creative thinkers and professionals to better express their value proposition. Be it researchers, technology innovators, designers, artists, writers and educators, those with the ability to “think outside of the box” still lead the future.


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